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Hi everyone,

I am hoping that those of you who know me will reply so I don't have to repeat what I have said in a lot of previous posts. What I am wondering about is whether a guy I've become involved with intends to have any future plans with me and if so, whether or not I should feel badly about getting involved with other prospects in the meantime.

Anyway, I guess I should still provide some background. I graduated from a very elite college 2 years ago and still keep in close with lots of people there with extensive information on other alumni. I never wanted to find one lover or a boyfriend or anything like that, but I started to look at friends' friends to see if there was anyone in our little community that I wanted to get to know. I saw one really hot guy, who had become extremely successful through this networking site, and wrote him saying that I was impressed with his profile.

He wrote back right away, this being sometime in January, saying that he loved what I'd had to say too and that he wanted to meet up. We did meet and while I was blown away in person, I knew he was too smart and successful to fall for anything superficial. Since then, over time (he's busy teaching at the best high school in the state, coaching their sports teams, and getting his doctorate in education so he can be the dean of students at a ritzy private school in my hometown), we've started to become quite close, physically and emotionally. I've always preferred to sleep with men before I fall for them, as there can be quite a disconnect there, but I definitely think that this fellow alumni is worth my time. I think he thinks so too, because he calls me an awful lot considering his schedule and he always seems to answer his phone when I call. He also took plenty of time deliberating whether he was going to stay and teach here vs. whether he was going to head off and teach in my old neighborhood. He was still very conflicted about this while we first were together, and I can't help but think that his deliberation and subsequent decision to take the job where I'll be has at least something to do with me.

This could be nothing but unwarranted arrogance, which I certainly admit to suffering from...but I don't know, I think a guy that busy wouldn't take a lot of time out of his schedule to talk to a woman he didn't have any interest in. This particular guy and I have chatted a few times per week, including nearly every weekend night, since the new year. My instincts tell me that he's into me but doesn't know how to act since I'm so unusually independent and told him from the onset that I had no interest in one boyfriend. But when I get together with him late at night, during the few times he has free, I get the impression he thinks I'm his girl and that neither of us is tied up with anyone else. Part of me thinks since he isn't available a lot of the time, he should be cool with me doing whatever I want, but I know guys aren't like that when it comes to girls they feel are special for whatever reason. I guess my question is, if I like this guy, is it still ok for me to hook up with other guys if they're hot enough? And do I really owe some guy who can't see me more than once a week any loyalty?

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