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[QUOTE=GypsyArcher]I know that the minute I accept a date with someone, I assume that we are both exclusive. I had always thought that if someone was asking me out, that meant they were interested in me exclusively. And if I agreed to the date then it meant I was interested in only them. In the case of my first real boyfriend when I was 18, I knew him as a friend for a few weeks, then he asked me to the movies. Right away, I considered us to be an item, girlfriend/boyfriend. Then in the car on the way to the movie theater, he was very nervous and got up the nerve to ask if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I was flabbergasted, and said "But I thought I already was?" *L*

If a guy takes me out on a date, I better damn well be the only one he is seeing...that is always how it was to me.[/QUOTE]

Well, personally I would not assume at all that a guy I went on one or even 5 dates with is my "boyfriend." But I would assume that if he asked me out and wants to pursue dating me, that he's not sleeping with other women. I think in the beginning it would be somewhat normal, especially for a guy met online, to be going on dates with other women, but that's not an ideal situation, of course, and if I liked him, I would hope we both stop dating others pretty soon. I think this practice of dating multiple people simultaneously is quite new, and strongly linked to the emergence of online dating. Before the internet, it was not even likely to meet so many different prospect at once. While it could be a good thing, it could also be overwhelming and we might let someone great slip by just because it's hard to make a decision and choose just one. I also don't really understand the talk about being exclusive--it all sounds so artificial to me. With my ex-boyfriends, we never had to formally discuss it because it was obvious that we were smitten with each other and exclusive from the start. I long for those simple times ;)

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