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Specific examples so you get the idea: I slammed the car door too hard, he says "I wouldn't do that." I threw a cigarette to the ground in its entirety cause it was broken ( I do feel bad about littering like that.) I sat on the ground to put on my shoes with white pants, dirt got on my pants, he says "dude, the things that you do..." as in I was going to dirty the car of our friend we were with. Is he overreacting or am I just a selfish bi!!! that doesn't realize what I do? He says I don't think about other people, I only think about myself. But how am I supposed to react when he critiques everything I do? There are so many times when I don't even realize I'm doing something to offend someone else and he gets on my case.

And it's not like he's perfect. His ex-girlfriend called him at 7 in the morning and she's all drunk and sad. He says "I'll talk to you as soon as I get back." Upon hanging up he says "beijos...muitos beijos" which means "a lot of kisses" in portuguese...he thinks I don't understand am I supposed to feel when he gets mad at me for sitting on the ground to tie my shoes and he's sitting there talking to his ex-girlfriend at 7 in the morning with me naked in his bed? I'd like to add that he only gets mad at ME for things like this...he has a short temper with me specifically and nobody else, and this is what hurts in particular.

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