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My roomate/bestfriend girlfriend is hittin on me. It has happend in the past. I noticed receantly that she is doing it again because he is leaving soon for the summer. The thing is this girl is not promiscious and is very loyal. I think she has always seen me as a backup or something...because me and my roomate are like the same guy...morally/ethical wise. Last summer he was gone for a month and she would call me up nearly every day. I love her as a friend but something does not feel right about it. One night we were drinking together and she invited me to her room. I declined. What do you think is boderline for hanging out with your friends girlfriend. I would never betray him, but what is considered wrong. We both enjoy eachother's company...but she likes to hold my hand and nuzzle up against me and stuff when he is gone for long periods of time. I understand that she is probably just useing me as a comfort for when he is away. I dont like that, maybe I just talk to her.

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