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I met this guy on lava life, and we kind hit it of from our first meeting. It was very different as we were just chatting on msn, and i was on my way out with my gf so i just told him to come along for a chat....and since then we kept seeing eachother-

that was 3 mths ago.....Since then, things have fallen apart. I found out about his plans to move to Canada. And its been difficult bc he is planning to leave soon although hasnt really brought a ticket yet.

Now things are getting bad, bc i have told him about my feelings, and he has told me that he can't have anything more with me bc hes leaving. We fight most times bc his lack of compasion, care, concern, sensitivity...all the things u should have for someone....But with him its just about him. I often spend time with him doing nothing,which i dont mind sometimes- or tagging along with him to a party- i like to party but its seems this is all we do, I never feel special in getting company from him in doing something else just for me, anything else.

Does this mean hes just not into me?

I know he still has a soft spot for his ex,bc hes mentioned it. It didnt bother me until one night he tagged me along to a get together she had organised, but it i was thinking we were going with some of his other mates, i found out last minute that the plans changed and we were heading to meet her and her mates. IT ended up being just with her and her friends, and he didnt say a word to me the enitre night, not even to offer a drink.... i caused a little scene, after my gf who came with me thank god, asked "who is he actually going out with...YOU or her". After i told him my issue he laughed at me saying there was no problem and i was jus over reacting and being jelous...i wanted to leave. I asked to talk to her and she ignored me and dissed me and i just moved to another side of the bar and knowing my problem they continued to chat the rest of the night.

I have recently found out i am pregnant, and this weekend we had a fight bc again he wanted to go out, i was invited initially, but these days given me being pregnant- i get tired, and i said that i couldnt phisically go out till dawn which he wanted and did. I was angry and told him to leave bc after what he said i wasnt going to go anyway, i didn't feel welcomed. So, He left without me, and during the times he was at the party and i asleep-we spoke, he was drunk- he often drinks and takes drugs, he said that there was no baby and laughed, and that i should have known he didnt want a serious relationship, and that he just wanted to have fun. I was hurt, i felt decievd, so i trashed a few of his belongings, it was a bad reaction,i know. He continued to call me all that night long saying he missed me, and that he was sorry. I was hurt and i said that i didn't want to hear from him. The next day he called twice again but saying he wished me the best that he can't give and hoped i'd find someone to treat me like a princess.

The day after this(yesterday) i went over to talk. He was like a kid in a principles office, figitting, looking away and taking no interest in our issues. It was like a big effort to listen. He told me he was on lava life again bc in his mind we were broken up. And this was not even 24 hrs after the fight. He said he met a girl who he enjoyed talking to and that we were to different to stay together, and that we fight all the time and the fact that he is going away can't a help, so its better we end it nowbecause we have to break up sometime. But then he says i care about you and i wish things didnt have to be this way. He says hes confussed, but he just doest see us matching when we do if he put into the relationship like he should...i dont know what he's saying anymore. I feel like its one thing then the other. He has also told me that he now has inpure thought of girls he may perve on when he not normallythat kind of guy..... I dont know what that means. And that he is talking to his little brothers ex girlfriends sister who is 19 for advice hes 29 YEARS OLD. He met her by accedently ringing her number and then just continuing to talk after introductions. He says he likes meeting people and he wanted to get an opinion from a wide range of people, and shes a "nice"girl who is having similar issues like him.

We have broken up once before for about a week and a half and he told me when we got back together that he's kissed a girl from work and someone else he dint remember. Mind you before this we had been talking all that week, he would call saying i miss you and i want to hear ur voice bla bla. It was his birthday and he was drunk was the excuse... I question loyalty which i is nowhere to be found.

What should i Be Thinking????????????

I am so confused. Am i in denial? He does so many things that show i am just not into you in a cruel way.

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