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[QUOTE=jenna_250]Well, I would submit that even if two people agree to just keep the sex light and casual with no feelings or deep emotions, that's kind of an agreed upon, mutual disrespect. But that's just my opinion.

why? because sex is dirty and can't just be fun and casual. I''m sorry but why is this disrespectful just because at that point in your life you aren't looking for a relationship? Frankly, I see posts on here from people who are married or in relationships where they treat each other way more disreespecfully than this.. I think it's more honest to admit that up front if something isn't going anywhere, that to pretend to be something you aren't. In my situations like this, I was always really busy with school or doing alot of travelling or just not into a relationship, so this worked for me. And for the record, alot of the time it was ME saying I did'nt want to get serious, not the guys...I wasn't someone who was in a hurry to settle down, in fact I wanted to live a little and do tons of travelling and dating and everything before I settled in some ways maybe I am more like a guy in that I didn't feel that need for the white picket fence dream, who knows...I don't regret any of what I've done I've had tons of fun in my life, and I'm now married to a good guy and we have a child.[/QUOTE]

Like i said, it's just my opinion, and I'm not getting up on my high horse because I've done it too. Just, in my mind, I do see something disrespectful about basically saying "gee, you're not good enough to be my boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, but I'm horny, and I need to do something about that, so you'll do for a nice hunk of meat for now." And you say the guys you did this with formed feelings for you and wanted more with you but you didn't. I don't know if you've ever been on the wanting more side of it and having to hear "gee, I was just in it for the sex," but it does NOT feel good, let me tell you.

Plus, I'm operating from a different place. I think when you do end up with a great guy and a beautiful child, it's much easier to take love and romance for granted. To assume all along you'll find it one day when you're ready for it, but not everyone is so lucky. As someone who never got to be in love, have a wedding day or a child or any of that, and never will, I don't take any chance for love and romance for granted, because it doesn't always come along again when you're ready for it.

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