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The main reason why I have decided to post the other forum thread as copied below this forum post entitled "Am I just Jealous?" is because...I wonder if I really do have a reason to be concerned if a guy acts the way the person I am seeing acts towards me?

It is not so much about questioning his faithfulness. I actually would trust him to be faithful. I just don't trust his heart, and I am afraid of being stuck in a relationship with another guy who is going to hurt me and who doesn't love me. That is what I am afraid of. Plus I don't want to waste my energy trying to work something out that is not meant to be.

Am I just jealous or insecure...or do I have reason to be concern?? Please read below and let me know.

Original forum post:

I am pretty frustrated with the person I am with. I tried everything to figure this person out.

I even asked this person if he really loves me and he has said he did but he was afraid of being hurt. I even let him go once upon a time for three months because he didn't seem to be to in to me...and just because he said a few times over a period of a few months that he missed me...and he played me this romantic song...I let him back in my life.

It went okay for the first month or so, then he started acting kinda wierd...its kinda hard to explain, and would take forever to explain. The easiest way to explain it is that he is a kind and generous person, we do spend time together at least once or twice a week. He has at time made mention of being more serious with me having kids, possibly getting married, etc.

It's just that...well...he says these things...then later acts indifferent...and to top it off he does not really tell me straight out if he loves me or not. He says actions speak louder than words. I wonder what that is supposed to mean. That I am just supposed to "know" that he loves me?

I realize also guys can say they love you and not mean it too, so at least he is being honest...but WHY would he continue to try to be in a relationshipwith me? WHAT exactly is it that he think is going to change???

Then to top that all gets worse...

For those of you that believe in dreams coming is something to chew on...and even if you don't just think about the possibility anyway...

GET THIS!!! He told me he had a dream about a Beautiful Mercedez car with a woman standing next to it...and then he saw it in person FOR REAL supposedly. Either he is lying to me because he doesn't want to just admit that he doesn't know if he loves me, which he obviously doesn't...or he really saw this woman. If he really saw this woman in person...then why in the h** would he still be trying to SEE ME??? THAT IS SICK!!!!

Either way...even if he just made this whole story up...WHAT DOES HE EXPECT ME TO DO???????? Wait around until he decides to find someone else??? I've been downt that road before!!!

What do you think?? Am I just a very insecure jealous person, or do I have every right to be concerned????

user fishtail1776 (Julie)

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