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We all know the friend rule and the sister rule as far as men go. We just don't do that. It breaks the "code".

This is also a really tough situation for you. First you need to figure out how you feel about your sister doing that to you. If deep down, you are not angry about her being with your man before it was over, or you had no feelings for him at the time and you are ok with it being your ex. See how you feel about still maintaining a close relationship with her because of that and that alone. It is not always that easy just to cut off your sister unless you really really really really hate her for this.

You can tell her that you know for sure and that you don't condone it and won't be apart of it. Going and telling her husband doesn't sound like great advise unless revenge is your motive. There are children involved and that may not be your place unless it was him cheating on her. That is where you loyalty lies when you get straight down to it. Just because she broke that trust with you doesn't necessarily mean you have to break it with her.

It all boils down to what YOU can live with. The consequences of whichever desision YOU make. Telling him may open a whole can of worms that you do not want to get in the middle of. It is her life and can do with it whatever she chooses. Just decide if she hurt you too much to be close anymore. Noone really has to know why.

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