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I know but its just, i dont really have much else to do anymore, school is over for me on Thursday, i hate working but i have a job and thats going to eat away all of my time. My friends are always busy with something, so nothing to do there. I guess all i really had that i could do is stress over her, because now i've honestly been home since 11:00 in the morning just sitting, doing nothing, and being all depressed. I just went out to figure out what i can do, and well, theres not a single thing i can do anywhere.
I know, i can always give advice to other people but i can never ever seem to manage my own situation, sometimes even if i have the support and advice of others. I mean alot of friends even told me not to get involved and gave me support after it was over, its just strange how things work out. Ah man, i honestly need to move on, right now. But its so hard.

And let me give you a quick scenario so you know what i mean. I woke up at around 10:00 this morning, did an essay, ran it to the school because it was due today, came home and ate, went to work until 7:00, went to buy some new shorts, ate dinner with my family, and went to the movies at 9:00 but ended up seeing a 10:00 showing of The Da Vinci Code, i came home around 1:00 and i cant fall asleep now because i am thinking about Laura. Thats an ENTIRE day that was totally busy, and now that im alone in my room, my mind is back on her and i cant sleep. I will read up again in the morning, im so tired and i need to sleep. :yawn:

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