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Lazer, you barely dated. You didn't even see each other much when you were officially dating. She didn't give you the time you wanted with her. No, you don't love her - you love the idea of having a girlfriend. Believe me, if you loved her, you would know - and the idea would be so much easier b/c she would also love you back.

You need to get away from this thread and stop obsessing over this. Don't you graduate soon? Are you getting a job over the summer? Are you going to college in the fall? Stop calling her and worrying about this relationship. The way to get over someone is to distance yourself, cut off the ties. You can't possibly say or do anything that is going to change this girl and how she acts or feels for you. She is a crappy girlfriend who isn't interested in being in a relationship.

If you are calling her - STOP! If she is saying mean things to you, then she is not interested in a relationship. If she liked you, she wouldn't want to hurt you.

Also, you seem to keep bringing up your relationship with her. I don't think she is all that interested in talking about what went wrong, getting back together, etc. From the last chat that you posted, you keep bringing it up and she doesn't want to talk about it. Soooo....move on......STOP obsessing over this one. Call your friends, get a new life....she is not worth it.

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