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Yeah I agree. Lazer you are saying that you had issues whilst in the relationship, but reading back through the posts, the issues were Not seeing each other! so you were no more in a relationship then, then you are now.

So if you get back with her, what will you actually be getting back? still the same problem of never seeing her, it would seem!

Lazer she is not interested, she enjoyed the attention, for a while, she has made it clear from her conversations that she is playing a game with you, and shows you no respect from what I can see.

Why would you want her?

Let it go, there wasn't anything there in the first place to salvage!

Good luck in finding a nice genuine girl for you. :)
Lazer, personally I wouldn't bother with a text, but if you have to send a text, just be short, and say something like, you respect her wishes to be left alone, and that she will not be hearing from you again! but thanks for the nice evening at the prom, and sorry that she feels unable to be a friend with you at the present time!

Then leave it at that, don't say I'll be waiting for you, when you feel you want to be friends again, I wouldn't bother Lazer.

You say another failed relationship, You are only 18, you will probably go through many more, before you meet the right lady for you! they are not failures, they are experiences, thats what dating is about, getting to know who you are compatible with, get on with, etc it can take years to get the right relationship.

You are young, and I said to you once before, don't get so heavy and serious so quickly, give a girl space, and don't expect things to develop quickly, there is no rush.

Maybe from her point of view, you were a chase, once she knew you were interested, she lost interest, this just highlights her age, and immaturity.

When you start your next stage of your education, maybe you should look for someone a bit older, to match your maturity.

Good luck :)
Lazer I know it is hard, what I suggested would show her that you not only respect her wishes, but you are also showing her respect for yourself. But as I said, I would personally not bother to text her, just leave it.

Freinds with exs only works if both of you have no feelings, or emotions attached still, which is very rare. Usually the one who wishes for friendship to continue, is the one who is hoping for a reconciliation, this can leave to pain and heartbreak, I know I have been there, and gives you false hope.

When you finally meet someone nice for you, you will probaly find you have no desire to be friends with her anymore, and may well have even forgotten her.

You seem a nice geniune young man, and I hope you find a nice girl who will appreciate that in you. :)

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