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Lazer, we all live and learn. I wouldn't doubt it if she comes to her senses at a later date and wants you back - DO NOT GO BACK TO HER! She will go out with some other guy and he will treat her poorly. There are not too many young guys who know how to treat a lady. You were very patient and respectful towards her.

Enjoy your summer. Are you going to college in the fall? If so, the best is yet to come!!!!! You have no idea!

Do you have some of your guy friends going to the prom? Hang out with them, it will still be fun. If there is some girl there that you have had your eye on, ask her to dance (assuming she doesn't have a boyfriend). Many girls go to the prom solo or with a group of friends. I am sure one would be thrilled if you asked them to dance. Seriously.....prom is a big deal to girls. Most would be honored if you asked them to dance.
Eh, you guys are right, i mean my mind knows you guys are right, she is a waste of time, didnt appreciate me, and is more drama than i should be getting. But my heart just says i still care for her and i guess it is because its that i dont love her, i just love having a girlfriend.

Quick summary, we broke up mutually but she took the action, i got pissed off and said mean things and acted immature, took me a few days to build up confidence to apologize, then she was nervous before prom, she got really close to me during dinner, we didnt talk much during the actual prom, she got jealous seeing me with other girls and wanted all of us to leave early so we did, in the car we held hands, then we switched cars and i took her home and asked her if she wants to try again in the future and she gave a smile meaning its a good thing, but said she'll think about it. Now the next day (yesterday) i was talking to her on instant messanger, she wasnt all too talkative, and i insisted we hang out, and then out of nowhere she erupted. She never was like this to anyone thats what i dont understand. Here is the conversation, and the last time i spoke to her, i guess she needs breathing room or something, and i took out a few parts that dont really mean much.

Me: want to do something next weekend?
Her: depends
Me: on?
Her: on what i feel like :P
Me: eh alright lol
Me: we need to though
Her: and why is that?
Me: because we dont anymore ever since the stuff i did
Her: we don't need to
Her: we don't date anymore =/
Me: but we're friends
Her: and that's all we're going to be
Her: sorry =/
Me: ah man
Me: is there any particular reason though?
Her: there doesnt really need to be one
Her: we're just friends
Her: thats it.
Me: because i mean i honestly miss all that with you, and i noticed since we stopped dating like you said, we dont need to hang out anymore
Me: eh now i want to discuss this
Her: and i don't.
Me: will you another time?
Her: probably not.
Me: eh, because now you're making it seem like im losing a friend for good too
Her: does it matter....?
Me: ...yes
Me: to me it does
Her: i just don't feel comfortable hanging out with you at the present moment...
Me: is it because you assume ill try to force you to do things?
Me: which i dunno how much i can say it, i never ever would do, im sure you figured that out by now too
Her: no, i just dont want to
Her: please try and understand that
Me: you dont want to be friends anymore?
Her: alright, now you're getting on my nerves.
Her: i just dont want to hang out right now.
Her: understand that.
Her: alright?
Me: ...alright
Me: i just wish you'd fill me in with whats going on sometimes, i cant honestly tell
Her: did you ever think that maybe i dont want you to know what's going on? i dont really think i need to disclose every aspect of my life to you
Me: dude i understand
Me: just
Me: ugh, nevermind

And that was it, and reading that over again, she was a ***** and either needs to apologize or i have no real need to say anything more to her. Because reading that over makes it seem like she doesnt even want to stay as my friend. My idea is just send her a text message saying "Well since you dont even want me to be friends anymore, go ahead and let me know when you want to, i might be around". Or something along those lines.

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