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You are probably not an awful friend at all. You are probably either:
1) Hanging around the wrong people or
2) Not communicating your expectations/feelings to your friends or asking them about theirs.
The guy who "screwed" you and your bf on your lease, then was rude about it does not sound like a nice or responsible person. He's not friend material if he cannot make good on promises, especially ones that involve money and binding legal contracts. The best place for this guy in your life? Small Claims Court, then :wave: Goodbye. Game over. Lose the losers.
Matilda, the one who does not like "mixed crowds". She possibly has issues with guys. You cannot solve these issues, but you *can* spend time with her alone. I know you have a boyfriend, but you have to make time for other people in your life too. Yes, she needs to understand that *you* have to make time for your boyfriend, and you would like to hang out with them together, but if she doesn't want to do that, accept it for now. Maybe when you get a chance to get deep into conversation, you can ask her about her feelings about guys. Maybe she's had a very traumatic experience with a man and doesn't trust them. Maybe she is a closet lesbian who is afraid to come out of the closet or maybe she simply does not like the guys you know. Who knows? :confused: It doesn't necessarily have to come between the two of you.
Haily, your "Sunday" friend, just come out and tell her the way you feel. Don't blame or accuse, just say "Haily, Sundays are fun but let's do something on a Friday or Saturday sometime. That would be so much more fun and I never get to see you on the fun nights. I don't want to be just a "Sunday" person." See what she says. Maybe she thought *she* was your "Sunday" friend too.
Sometimes you have to be proactive, comprimise, draw the line, but you don't always have to assume everything is your fault. Ok? Worse case scenario, make some new friends. There *are* people who will respect, appreciate and include you. They may not be easy to find, but they are out there. :)

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