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PBaby... you are right.

He is saying I AM going about this all wrong. And.. I know I'm wrong, I'm acting like a baby and cry that I don't get to do what I've always wished for. It hurts so much and I obviously have to stop the immaturity and just let it go. Anger and hurt overcame me.

And what hurts the most is to go along with life as if nothing is wrong and hurting. I've got to learn to put it away. When he wants to be intimate, etc. and have fun I hurt still. He's just so content, complete, and happy and I feel angry that he doesn't seem to even care what I'm going through. He'll never bring it up and ask how I'm doing with it.. he just sits and waits for me to "get over it". But... what else is he to do.

What a bummer! I see so many other couples agreeing on this topic all the time. I wish I had that. It seems to come so easily for them. One of my best friends just informed me today that she and her hubby are expecting #4... wasn't planned but they are both so excited. I'm happy for her. But I also envy too. :-(

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