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You have your reasons for wanting another child, and that's fine. But you do need to consider your husband's feelings about this. You two are a married couple. Like some have already said-there are compromises in marriages. You have 2 wonderful children. Be happy!!! What do you think you're missing by not having a 3rd child? Is the physical contact with an infant? Is the intimacy of nurturing a baby up until it is old enough to walk and talk on its own? What is it? And I don't mean to be rude, but your posts scream "I, I, I!!!!" I don't think you're the type of person who would "trick" your husband into getting you pregnant. But you do need to consider your husband's input on this. Just b/c he's gone on to make decisions without you, does that mean you gotta play him tit-for-tat? Is that what this is all about? If that's the case then I think you would have already gotten yourself pregnant with a 3rd child and in a dishonest kind of way. So, that whole "He's made decisions without me" line doesn't hold any water with me as far as getting what you want. You said in your very first post that "He has every right not to want anymore. And I know he is right". If you know that, then respect that. And good grief, 35 is not old. You make it sound like you're 80!!!

I know you said counseling won't work. Seems like it worked before when you went back during the time he cheated. I think some counseling for yourself would do good. Find out why that need is SOOOOOO strong for another child. I also have to agree with Cookiepls-your husband wants YOU!!!! He wants your love and affection!!!! Give it to him!! Show him you love him and how important he is to you!!! Lord, it seems like you're yelling at him b/c he won't be another sperm donor. I don't mean to be crude when I say that, but that looks like the attitude you are portraying to him, based on your posts.

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