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OKAY you've all heard my strip club story couple weeks ago. I really liked the advice so I'm going to bring up another issue that I know has been raised on here before, but I wanna see what you think -- should I be suspicious of this? I feel like I need to check my sanity a bit since that whole lap dance fiasco has made me more jealous ....

So my BF and I (4 years) spend almost every day together. We live seperately but its basically like we have 2 houses. There are times when he wants to see me and I'm not really in the mood and vice versa. But usually its a given that we hang out every night.

I had plans Thursday night to spend with a girlfriend from out of town. I told my BF of my plans on Wednesday. However, she called to reschedule for Friday night during the afternoon on Thursday. So I tell my BF I'll come over to his house tonight (he'd been at mine the two previous nights). Plus, I did all his laundry at my house, so that way, I could bring by all his clothes (otherwise he'd have none).

He immediately seems mad and disappointed that I don't have plans anymore. I immediately get suspicious. I question him - did I ruin his plans or something? He says he has no plans, just that I'm too "clingy" because I need to see him every night.

This normally wouldn't bother me, but it is the fact that he thought I had plans and wouldn't be around, but then he was upset that I was going to be around.

I cheated on my ex (long time ago) and this is exactly how I would react if I thought he was going to be gone and then his plans changed - cause then I wouldn't be able to get away with what I was about to do.

Now, he insists he won't ever cheat, he's not that kind of guy, and I believe him. I know he loves me - I'm like a part of his family. We've talked about having kids together, etc...he's said no woman compares to me, etc... And I do believe this. But I know there are temptations.

So I find out that he's going to hang out with one of his buddies - a buddy who cheats on his girl, has tried to convince my BF to cheat on me, etc. A very immature guy, to say the least. His friend are often jealous of our good relationship (and probably cause my BF scored such a great girl!), and they also know my BF is the best looking and most outgoing one of the group, so they want him single so he can help them pick up girls of their own (yeah right-they're still all uglies!).

So my BF is pissed off that I wanted to see him last night. I'm too clingy he says, well, I'm sure its more like his friends say that.

OK, and this is bad, but I know he didn't cheat on me or do anything wrong last night, because I drove by his house several times. But hey - I have to know - this behavior is suspicious, right? Or am I crazy?

Of course its hard to tell because ya'll don't know all the details about our relationship, but I'd say it is a pretty normal, loving relationship, besides a few moody days every now and then.

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