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Hello, I need advice. My bf and I work together in the same company. We have this annoying co-worker that does childish things or should I say sickening things at work and most of the time we just keep our mouth shut. Well, for the most part, I can't keep my mouth shut, I say things to him like, that's not nice or you will burn in hell someday! Today, he just went overboard on some of the sick things he does and my bf happened to be the witness. They were in the pantry getting coffee and the annoying guy opened the Refrigerator and started touching someone's lunch that was in there. Well, it happened to be mine! He said to my BF, "look at what I'm about to do (he started flipping my left over pizza in the box) and gave him a devilish smile!"
I got a phone call from my bf telling me NOT TO TOUCH MY LUNCH! Well, I got so pissed off and asked him if he said anything to him? Make him realize that that was my lunch!!! You see we've been trying to get rid of this guy to join us for lunch for the longest time, but he is like a buzzing bee that you can't rid of! This would've been a perfect opportunity for him to avoid him, bec. I started already, I meant in terms of avoiding him bec. I am afraid that I will loose my job hanging out with this guy and people at work will label me as one of the "evil" people at work. I am calling him evil bec. he laughs at "physically challenge" people, gnarl at every women who passes by, and most of all throw someone else's lunch in the fridge. My bf seems to be afraid of him bec. this guy has a tendency to get even or worse do damage in your car in the parking lot.
Well, I went on and on and on and almost forgot the punch line of this thread. I wanted advice on how I will be able to say and bring this up again with my bf w/o getting into an argument. I hate arguing about work stuff but I felt violated's a sick violation of my privacy! I am so MAD AT MY BOYFRIEND FOR NOT SAYING ANYTHING TO HIM he even went to lunch with him after the fact!! I wanted to call him a sissy but I don't want to hurt his feelings. If I say something to HR about it, my bf will be involved. What should I do?
BTW, this is affecting our relationship... I am about to forbid him to go to lunch with him bec. he could loose his job just by hanging out with this guy as soon as HR catch up on him.... I know he will be very defensive about it. Right now I am doing the "silent treatment" heeelllppp, I'm about to explode!

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