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ok here it goes,, I have never in my life deal with anything like this ,, but i belive the word for it would be manipulator.. i have a felmale friend that i have been close friends with for more than half of my life we are in our mid 20's
so anyway this girl cannot deal with confrontations whatsoever,, i am level head im not going to scream i have never put her down or anything like that,,,i just pretty much wanted to talk to her about a bunch of things ive tried a couple of times,, it's almost nearly impossible i feel i would have to tackle her tie her to a chair and tape her mouth shut lol.. seriously!!

when she knows i want to talk to her about something she freaks she will somewhat avoid me or she will be somewhat overly mean or say rude things in a reverse physcology way... then when i actualy get to talking you can get about a sentence or 2 in before she trys putting you down and going off on you...its like she will deter you from actually getting to the point and it it does work ,, because im going to be the bigger 1 and not put her down back.....seems like she just wants to forget everythign and sweep it under the rug...
this has happened to me 2 times the first time being months ago i started getting into it on the phone and all of a sudden she was like i cant hear you hello hello you phone is messed up.. i cant hear you ,,, so i called her back went through it again and it was the same **** as soon as i got into it and i even called from another phone,,, funny its never happened again and i never had that problem before,, we talk almost every day and sometimes 3 or more times a day,,,,,in 15 years of knowing her and pretty much talking on the phone for that long quite often i have NEVER raised my voice to her, and she has never raised her voice to me only on these 2 confrontations..... how childish
ive seen her do it to 1 of her EX best friends ,, she told me exactly what was going to happen when i talked to her and she hit it on the head,, because the same thing used to happen to her when they had problems,, sometimes it seemed they argued like bf/ gf.. ive heard stories of where she would lock herself in the bathroom because she didnt want to talk to her and threaten to do herself harm
i can tell you she is insecure prob doesnt have much self cofidence, is a big daddys girl,,,reacently realized she LOVES attention from the wrong type of people that give it to her ,basically the guys that would sleep with anything, she basically just doesnt know any better and has been known to screw things up for herself..i know it is very hard for her to ask me to hang out and seems like it takes her so much energy to do so ,, she will beat around the bush and try to hint at things.. this girl is very good looking,, she is very attractive, it gets her a ton of attention she just doesnt know how to handle it positively...
i wrote her a letter im going to send to her because ill never be able to get whta i want to say to her in person ,, maybe after she reads the letter... does anyone have any ideas or know anyone like this?????

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