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[QUOTE=laurie864bla]I can't NOT meet them!! What the heck are you putting out there, girl?? lol..j/k

Smile, laugh, talk talk talk, parties, school, bars, work, morning coffee, grocery store. My problem is I hate dating, so I always say no. No shortage of meeting them, just liking them. I'm ridiculously picky, and still don't make the best choices. There's only about elevendy kajillion guys on there of all ages, etc.. I have a blast on there!! Really fun.

When you go out at night, with ur friends, what do you do? Like, do you behave when you go in? Like you own the place...head held high? Do you have a repeat place you go to often and know people there? (Most college kids do this, is why I'm asking) If so, do you walk in, make the rounds saying hello, kissing hello to everyone you know? I think it gives an impression ur really friendly and open, and then the approaches are over the top!!

You're a cute girl, you've said that b4--so it must be attitude if they are not flocking in college!!Tell me what you are doing, and how much access you have to guys. Do you have a weekly girls night?? These rock for meeting men. They love a group of pretty girls gettin their drink on. lol..(Don't blast me, people...this IS college, ok??lol)

Lemme know, Char...[/QUOTE]

I love this advice, I always love your advice Laurie :wave:. I also think Amy is right. My own best advice to you Char is to play sports, that is where I tend to meet the hottest, smartest, and most together men. In fact, I wouldn't have had anywhere near as many or as great men in my life if not for the fact that I absolutely love to watch and play sports. You don't have to love all sports, but if you love even one, that would be a good place to meet some quality men. Also, these days people in college are all over the internet, there are lots of sites where you can network with people from your school and meet friends of friends etc. That is how I have met some of my favorite men, currently, and also how I keep in touch with guys I used to know/might want to know again sometime ;). So think about going to a football, baseball, or basketball game (well I guess in England maybe soccer?) or about trying a sport like tennis or racketball or squash where you need to play with other people. Tennis is a great date actually, I get to wear a tight short little dress and see if the guy can hold his own athletically. I also love golf and so do a lot of men, at least wealthy white men do if you're looking for a guy with money. Personally, dating rich guys didn't really do it for me, but I do want a man who is successful in his chosen pursuits as I guess all women do. Just some stuff to think about. Also, don't totally give up on bars, though in my experience, private parties, like at friends' houses, are a better way to meet guys. Try some new things, talk to people (including women, they might know someone to hook you up with), and be patient...I am sure it won't take long for a smart pretty active girl like you to find someone special :).

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