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Cant find them in bars thats for damn sure!

I would like to know where to find nice guys too. Well, nice guys that I also find attractive. I have met the WORSE guys in the past 5 months.

First guy was absolutely cool with some charm and charisma. He turned out to be a COMPLETE PSYCHO. He got so drunk one night that he started biting the beer bottle - he practically chipped his front teeth. I tried to avoid him and break away from his clingy grasp in the kindest most graceful and shameless way possible but he would just not let go. He went off the deep end in the parking lot and started telling me he did not care whether he lived or dies. He just wants to meet his creator - girl, that was more than I needed to hear.

Hungout with guys who were nice in the beginning and turned out to be complete jerks. This guy was so nice and funny - he just forgot to mention to me he had a girlfriend - how nice is that?

I have another super nice guy - but he has 2 kids with 2 other women and he is currently... he is unemployed. Not attractive qualities at all.

This most recent one - I posted "I have a hard time understanding men" seemed nice. Nice and absolutely gorgeous - YEAH RIGHT. Those two adjectives dont really go together...

Hard to find nice guys. I dont believe in searching out for them - I do think that you will meet them/they will come to you. School is a good way to meet people - most guys in college are jerks though. Not everybody, but a lot of them are. You sound like you are a busy girl - you will find someone nice. Just have to wait and be patient. I know girl, easier said than done. Amen.

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