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[QUOTE=MommaBee]There is nothing "wrong" with you. Nothing at all. He is just not interested anymore. He thought he was and found that, for whatever reason, you were not the one. I am sure you have dated some guy that just didn't "click" for you. Everyone has there own things that draw them to each potential mate. So don't beat yourself up about it. Move on. The more you try to pick apart the reasons why, the more you will make yourself hurt longer than you need to.
What you need now is to pamper yourself. Make yourself Number 1. Go to a nice spa and have a massage. Get a new hair style. Buy some new clothes. Visit your friends you neglected while you were with him. Do what you love to do. Get a new kitten or puppy to love. Whatever it takes for you to just move on, so that you can love again. You say that you will never do this again, believe me, you will. Help make yourself healthy emotionally so that when that love comes you will be ready to feel good about it. You deserve the best, like all of us. Don't short change yourself over him anymore. YOU ARE A GREAT CATCH!!![/QUOTE]

Thank you!! I think I am. Sure, I have dated someone that I just didn't click with, it didn't last long. But the thing is, we did click, and he was very interested. He has told me that he has never stopped being interested in me, and that I still do something to him. It's not that he's not interested in me, I think he is, maybe not as a relationship partner right now because of what he has been through, and I understand that. Do I like it? NO!! But, I can understand. The thing is no matter what we are supposed to be good friends, so returning a phone call is just respectful. To not, is rude. I did talk to him yesterday, (I called), and I asked if it was a hint for me to leave him alone by not returning my call. He said he had just got my message that morning, and he couldn't tell me what to do, I had to make that decision for myself, that he had never told me to leave him alone. I think I caught him at a bad time, and he had to go, said he would call me back later, and he didn't. Oh well, there's nothing else I can do. Obviously the friendship is not that important to him either.

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