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Re: Dating ex??
May 17, 2006
My husband and I started dating when he was 19 and I was 20. I was recently divorced from my not so sweet highschool sweetheart when we met. (long story there) We dated about six months before I broke up with him. I didn't think he was ready and I was still hurt from my divorce so I know I wasn't ready. We still stayed in touch because we did care for one another. He then got staioned somewhere else and then deployed. He wrote my parents a letter about six months after we broke up saying that he was still in love with me. ( he couldn't find my new address or phone number after I moved.) I still wasn't ready to get back together with him. About six months after that I felt like I was ready. I was about to graduate from massage school and got a real sense of who I was and who I wanted to be. I wanted to be his wife. When I decided that I wanted to get back together he was deployed again. So we still had a period of seperation even though we didn't want to be. When he got back to the states we hadn't seen eachother for a year and nines months. He flew me to where he was and we got married five days later. We have now been married 3 years this July and going strong. So yes to answer your question its possible to have a healthy relationship with an ex. The saying " he's an ex for a reason" doesn't always hold true. Good luck.

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