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I was the other woman. he treated her better. I known him longer and a few months after we met...then he met her.
he took her to meet his parents, then went out all the time.
I use to see him about three nights a week. I thought that was enough. he never called me his girl, he kept saying just give it time.
I didn't realize he already had another girlfriend. a real girlfriend. I was the mistress, the other girl. I thought that if he ever was seeing someone, she would be the mistress, or the other girl. nope, i was.
that's what hurts the most.
i can't stop crying.
i can't stop calling him.
i just want one more time to see him. to hold him.
i can't stop crying.[/QUOTE]

I know it stings to be treated like that. It's like skipping through a flowery meadow and stumbling onto a hornet's nest. Ouch! Who saw that coming? You thought everything was hunky dory, then out of nowhere reality chaps your a** (excuse my French). Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and paid too much for it.
What you have to realize is what [B]you[/B] want is what you THOUGHT you had, not what you REALLY had. What you THOUGHT you had was a real romance with a good guy with real potential. THAT'S what you were in love with, the idea of it, not the reality of it.
Unfortunately, what you [B]are [/B] in love with is not the person, [B]it's the myth of what that person WILLFULLY and PURPOSEFULLY decieved you into thinking he was.[/B]
You can call him all you want, he is not going to turn into the person you thought he was because, unfortunately, you had it wrong. Why? Because he DECEIVED you. Doesn't that make you mad? I mean, really hon, muster up that part of you that says "How dare he treat me like this!" and then that part that says, "How dare he treat any woman like this. Who does he think he is?" Then that part of you that says "Never again" :nono:
I know it hurts, but this guy is a LOSER, a lost cause. Do you think he's sitting by the phone with a box of Kleenex cuz you found him out? Hell no! He's sitting by the TV with his remote control and *she's* bringing him a beer. He's perfectly happy. I guarantee you. So, why are *you* crying? HE'S NOT WORTH IT.
Get angry! And remember living well is the best revenge. After all, you can meet somebody else and have a good honest relationship because you are a good honest person. He, on the other hand, has Karma just WAITING to bite him in the a**. Oh, and it [B]will[/B] happen. (And yeah, when it does, it's Ok for you to giggle... ;) )
Chin up girl, you are the better person here. Remember that.

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