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[QUOTE=Destea]Actually, I think it's a little backwards to feel better about an ex having dumped your guy as opposed to him dumping her. Him leaving HER meant he didn't WANT HER. Her wanting him won't change that. If she had dumped him, I think I would personally feel a little more insecure about that scenario, because it meant he was still into her when they broke up, and still cared. If he left her he was done with it - that's a GOOD thing!![/QUOTE]

The girlfriend in question was dumped by him btw...
So I told him last night about me running into her. I only got a chance when we were already lying down and he was 1/2 asleep, so I don't know if that was an honest reaction, but it didn't seem to rock his world. He might ask me about her again. We'll see... I asked if it were him running into her, weather he'd like to re-establish contact, to which he said "I didn't so far".

BUT, I'm an honest person and I emailed her - I didn't want her to feel bad. I expressed, I wasn't comfortable with them talking. She e-mailed back saying that she's moved on and it's not important to her to keep in touch with him. She's in a new relationship now. On the other hand, she's willing to lend a helping ear to whatever questions I might have.
I was honestly surprised at how genuine and open she is. From what he's been telling me about her, I was actually always curious to meet her, because I sensed that her and I would get along.
We've been e-mailing back and forth very fondly today and she's very surprised to hear how HE has changed since the time she's been with him.
I've described to her a few things and she thinks I should get out of the relationship, because I'm not being treated with respect.
Some of you here that read my posts agree.
I think she's a wonderful, caring and dignified woman and I'm actualy intending to become her friend. I'm not surprised my boyfriend took to her so well - she seems so caring and he needed that then.
Some of you might think that she might have an alterior motive, but she herself has convinced me otherwise. She KNOWS there's no potential since she's so much older and she's very excited about her new guy.
The only thing I can conclude - there still are good people in this world! :bouncing:

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