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Should we part?
May 21, 2006
Hey people, I posted a bit over a week ago deeply upset how i cheated on my girlfriend (just kissed another girl) and that I realised now how much my gf means to me.

Well i thought I did but im going through more of the same thoughts again and again. Is this the girl I really want to be with? Its not just a thought that just pops into my mind but rather something that is always there. Ive been with her a bit over three months and i feel as if she is not growing on me anymore. If anything I liked her more than i do now 2 mths ago. I feel really bad for feeling this way because she has overall been really good to me. Im just finding myself less and less attracted to her physically and out sex life has lost its spark already. People think im crazy because she almost stunning to look at. The thing is she is beautiful but I dont find her that sexy. Its really weird but there is some other girl that im kind of interested in that is no where near as goodlooking as my girl but i find her much more attractive sexually. Does anyone else believe there is a difference between beautiful and sexy? or is it jyst me.

I just dont want to waste more time of my life that i think ive already wasted with some girl that isnt for me. I feel every minute im with her other possibilites might pass by. It just very tough but i feel if i truly liked the girl i am with these sort of thoughts shouldnt cross my miind at all.

Anyway i dont know what to do because I feel i would regret losing my girl in some respects, and breaking up with her for no reason seems kind of harsh. Its just that she is falling so hard for me and its awkward because i dont feel the same way. Im thinking about giving it a little more time maybe 2 weeks or so and If i still feel this way......well you know.

What do you think?

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