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Moved from MN to Chicago about a year ago so my fiance could accept a new job. Things are going great. I also started a new job and love it a lot.

This guy I work with has been hanging around my office a lot lately and chatting/flirting with me. He KNOWS I'm engaged which I've stressed to him and also that I'm not interested, and talk about my fiance 24/7, but he doesn't seem to care.

It was coincidental that I was to receive training from him on business related items. Just so happened that he was going to be out of the office that day and asked that we reschedule and/or I come up on my own time so he could go over the stuff with me (he insisted that he be the one to do this). I delclined for schedule purposes and felt it was also unprofessional and chose to go over the training with his colleage.

He was disappointed. He came to my office this week and once again, stared at my engagement ring like he always does.

Coincidentally, found out he lives a couple streets over from my fiance and I, which for a big city is rather surprising. I don't feel unsafe or think he's stalking me, just kind of a small world.

I feel he's a nice guy and would make a great friend, and from a female perspective I find him attractive, however, I have no interest in him at all. I honestly was hoping he was gay, so I wouldn't have to deal with his flirtations on a personal level, etc.

I am very much in love with my fiance and plan to stay that way.
I have discussed this with my fiance and he understands my frustration. He knows my heart is with him (and always will be).

Why do men find women who are attached/engaged/married something they need to pursue?

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