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What I think that you should do is to seperate and decide what you want without having contact with either one of them. The only way to really know is if you don't have either one with you. Yes, I've been there and I left my husband for the OM! I was married for over 20 kids but had a happy but boring life and some problems too...drinking mainly. When you first meet someone new...the feelings seem to be overwhelming and the love is crazy strong but I want to warn you that these feelings will most likely fade quickly. I really do love the man that I am with now, he's a wonderful sweet man but I want to tell you that I really do miss by EX a whole whole lot! I can't tell you that your marriage can last or that you need to stay because that may not be the right thing to do...sure if you want to try and work on it but if it's not getting better just don't think having kids is going to make it good because it won't. Ask yourself if you had fallen out of love before or after you met the OW? If it's after you met her than I'd say you need to work on the marriage but if you felt you didn't love her even before someone else came into your life then there's other issues besides another woman. I still say you should stay away from them both for long enough to sort out what you want because you may be letting someone perfect for you get away. Don't ignore this OW issues(if she has them) because they are going to be there if you choose her. Does she have baggage? Just be opened eyed about her because it's so easy to fall head over heals for someone when having an affair and not think about the real life stuff. If you had children I would say that you should do the right thing and stay and try to work it out but it sounds to me like there were problems before the OW came along...right? Just the best advise I can tell you is to think about this OW with an open mind(a rational mind) and don't ignore her problems. Good luck to you!

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