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Well, I think that if I'll love myself more, then things will improove, because he will see that I will not tollerate to be treated like anything less than what I deserve.
I have some psychologial problems of my own, trust me!; and he's been quite patient and helpful with me. I cannot only focus on the 'bad' things, as I tend to.
He is still young and learning. He has grown quite a bit in the year and 1/2 that we've been together and is capable of growing still.
He told me that at the time he said those things to me, he felt we were going to break up anyway, because he thought I felt that way about him.
It's true, he does frustrate me a lot of the times to a point, when it looks I want nothing with him.
I've obviously mentionned only the bad things about him here - this is what this forum is for. We don't need to talk about the good things, because those are not a 'problem'.
He has also assured me that he would not leave me for someone else, because I explained to him that would be just too much of a betrayayl and it wouldn't be fair. We agreed that if we will decide to break up, it will be a 'clean cut', meaning first break up, then look for somebody else.
He's a man of his word, that I know and he's not malicious either. I know that after I've explained it to him, he wouldn't do that to me.
I appreciate all of your opinions - it shows you care and that is very dear.
However, it's hard to be fair in this medium.
Obviously, when I post, I'm furious and not very objective, but I might be biased by my frustrations.
I do tend to OVER-REACT! As you notice....
He also explained that according to him, he feels he is commited to me, because he stuck through such hard times with me, evethough it would be much easier for him to pick up and leave than for me.
The BJ's.... Well, look, we women ask so much of men and really, they don't ask us that much - at least my man doesn't. He IS lazy, but he doesn't ask much of me either.
I do the BJ's because I like to make him feel good and out of love and not because I want to control him. That is just something he said, because I said I feel like I have not influence on him. I think it's actually a big thing for someone to admit to their 'weak spot'.
We all know that to men sex = love. Specially for a guy that's 24 and still didn't mature emotionally yet!
Guys, I like to think positively and I love this man VERY MUCH. Obviously, if he was evil, I wouldn't be able to have those feelings for him.
The two of us are very mature to understand that each relationship goes through hard times. We had plenty of those and we stuck through.
We are becomming common-law the first of the month and I want to feel good about it.
He's taking me out for a dinner he can barely afford, so I think it means something for him too.

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