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Re: Parent problems
Jul 24, 2006
I completely agree with all of you...her problem is that she has Not and Ounce of control over me any longer. This is what people here tell me, my friends, relatives everyone. She is a very controlling woman, and as long as you listen to her everything is peachy...

She is actually attacking one of her siblings right now as well, she hates this sibling of hers and their SO. So I am not the only one.

This is just some to the latest to what she wrote...

What evil has turned your heart so against your family?
fyi - I am not crying about you being in CA, I didn't cry when you left and I am not crying now. You made your decision so be it, you are happy, great! You can't try to be part of our day to day life when you live so far away. I don't understand you -- you don't call, never even send a birthday card and then all of a sudden you want family again? (which is not true, I called everyday, and sent cards for all of them)

We are filing bankruptcy which means we have to report any monies paid to relatives in the last 12 months. Which means all the money you took from us will have to be reported. Ask your lawyer what this means for you because the US Trustee will demand the money back from you and they can seize it without a court order. I know you won't believe me so do please ask your attorney because even though you hate us, even though you have such contempt for us and wish us so much harm I don't want you in a pickle with money if they come after you. We have a solution that could allow you to keep some of the money legally but you need to talk to your dad about that.

I am deeply hurt by your actions, but I will survive and go on. We will recoup the money you took by God's grace. We will recover financially. However, the damage you did will not be as easily repaired. None of your siblings may ever trust you again, they may never want a relationship with you again and sadly, that doesn't bother you one bit. You didn't just take money and hurt me, giving me a heart attack. (((which she DID NOT have, the drs said))) No, you stole from all of us, caused us to go through much pain and suffering. You took from every child who lives here, you have caused hardship on them because of what you did. They lost more than getting that electric bill paid when you stole the money. They lost their trip this summer to see their great grandma's because of you and more. You wonder why any of them are angry?

(((This is not true, they just spent a week with my aunt at her house, having a good time, if they have no money, why are they going to sports games and driving 8 hours to hang out with my aunt???)))

Enjoy your new friends, love your fiance and his family and go on. You are happy without us, fine, that doesn't hurt me or them. It is you who has lost out on friendships with your siblings, people who would back you to the end. I have other daughters to be best friends with, who talk to me daily, who actually want my friendship besides being their mother. STOP your jealousy of your 20 year old sister! You left her and she was deeply hurt, so hurt it took her a year to get over it. You moved out when she really needed a big sister but you were too involved in your own needs to see anyone else's. You have been selfish and have put us last. I didn't even get a mother's day card from you, (((BUT, we spent the day together, went to the movies, etc))). So just go live your life and be sooo happy like you say you are and leave us alone. I still love you, always will love you, and I forgive you for what you have done to us, but I don't want you in my life right now.

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