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Just wanted to share some things with you..

I'm 38. I was married for 11 years. We have 2 kids, a home, and when I found out he cheated, I had no job. He left, and it was horrible...for about 2 months....

Everyhting got cut off in my home...everything! I vomited every single day, couldn't sleep at all, and lots 25 lbs. I was obsessed with getting answers..I deserved them. I wanted to work out my marriage, I called his parents, I confronted the girl, I cried constantly. My kids were witnessing most of this.

Then, one day, I had had enuf distance to see.."OMG--what the heck was I crying for?" This was NOT my fault, I had been unhappy forever, adn my kids were learning that it was ok to live a passionless, miserable life. BULL!!! I got a job, I got a LAWYER, I got a gym membership, a tanning memebership, some self help books, a therapist, and tons of new friends, as well as rekindling the old friends I had lost. I went shopping. I made a list of all the things I now GOT TO DO!! I found a hot guy....shallow, but boy oh helps!! lol

Honey, it's scary. No doubt. But it takes distance to see how much more you are going to have once away from this horrible, cheating man. (not a single doubt in my mind they slept together, by the way)TRUST me--I'm having the time of my life. I look great, I'm happy..and most importantly--MY KIDS ARE THRIVING and much happier, because their mom is happy. It's hard, but OMG--you get to fall in love again, you get to have wild passionate sex again, you get to do whatever you want, and you get it for free---you did nothing wrong here. They did--the best revenge is pulling up your socks and showing them what you're made of. Look great, feel great and be strong. Fake it at first when it doesn't come naturally. You will behave your way to success!!!! Now go make that list, and kick that b*****d out!!!!!! You can thank me I know if you do this, you'll be happy very soon..just like me!

Seems hard now, almost impossible to imagine your life without him...but it's gonna be so much better. CALL A LAWYER!!!!Take his money, get some of your own, and get yourself the life you have always dreamed of. GET BUSY, girl...times a wastin!!
....ha ha ha about the falling all over me...BUT--seriously, I am the same person as I was when married--I mean, I look the same, pretty much. Same nose, same bod, you know..My point is, they(men) can see HAPPY. They can see CONFIDENT. It shows. It shows bigtime. One of the greatest compliments I rec'd, shorty after I pulled my self together was from my mother in law. YES, my MIL. She said, "I don't know what you are doing to look so fabulous, but it sure is working!! Wish they could bottle it so I could have some." I looked her straight in the eye and said, "It's called happiness." smiled, and walked away.

I am sad that you're going thru this, cuz I know how bad it sucks. BUT--I am more excited for you, b/c if you do it right, I know what lies ahead for you....and honey---you don't EVEN know how great you're gonna feel!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!!!

I had no I have a ton of great ones.
I had no real "passions." I have tons
I forgot what hair pulling, hot, sweaty sex was like....not anymore, darlin!
I forgot I was pretty....I'm HOT, darn it!!!
I forgot that kissing for hours was fun.....I live to kiss for hours now
I forgot all my favorite things.....I endulge in favorite things everyday
I had no free time....with the kids going back and forth, I have lots of ME time, and enjoy it
I had no idea how strong I was...I'm a killer!
I had resigned myself to being "ok" with my life.....I will never settle again
I had no job...I have my own business...
I was setting a poor example for my kids on what love was.....not anymore--now they know what strength and not taking crap you dont deserve is!!
Get the picture here??? Live is great. Embrace it. And screw everyone that ever brought you down. Let them WATCH YOUR SMOKE because you're gonna burn it down.

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