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Yes, I agree with Laurie. You can and will heal from this. You did nothing wrong, and they were the horrible liars and hypocrites who betrayed your trust. I would definitely tell his parents, not in terms of "look what kind of a scumbag son you brought up," (that would accomplish nothing, and they're not responsible for his actions anyway), but in terms of letting them know how much he hurt you and their beloved grandkids, and getting them to be on YOUR side. Trust me, you need everyone on your side in this, as you have done nothing wrong and don't deserve this to be done to you. You will have everyone's support, including your mutual friends and HIS family, while he will be shunned as the cheating, vile peace of trash that he is. And yes, find a good lawyer, so that your kids and you don't get financially hurt in this mess in addition to being emotionally hurt. You can get your life back on track--look at Laurie, she has guys falling over themselves to date her now :) Your husband and this "best friend" will forever have to live with the guilt of doing something so outrageously wrong and hurtful to someone close to them.

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