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Twig, you seem to be paying the price for your wifes insecurities regarding herself!

This is about her, not you! you sound like a very geniune decent guy. If you had been touching this lady in front of your wife, and getting familiar, then that would be another story.

Was this woman you were speaking to attractive, maybe not to you, but would your wife of looked at her and thought, she is more pretty or maybe slimmer than me! if that is the case, then even if you had so much as glanced at her, that would of been wrong to.

An old friend of mine was a bit like your wife, if her husband was to so much as look at a woman (who was attractive) on the telly, she would fly off the handle, and make all sorts of accusations, she did it infront of me and a partner once, and we found it embarrasing, and my partner laughed because it was so ridiculous.

Before she was married, I was never allowed to meet any of her boyfriends!!

The silly thing is, is that with her behaviour she is more likely to cause the thing she is worried about happening to happen anyway!

Another thing, don't ever stop talking to the opposite sex, for fear of upsetting your wife, that is just crazy.

Good luck

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