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Trying to make this short and sweet... Been with my boyfriend for about 9 months, most of the relationship long distance, but we kept it going. He just came back, has his own place, and says that in December we can "entertain" the notion of me moving in with him... things have been going "ok." We rarely fight, but his family is unaccepting, we belong to an organization together, have a lot of things and friends in common. I'm not fully satisfied with the intimacy part of the relationship, but he's only been back for a few weeks, is it too soon to worry about that? Also, knowing his family, and his future goals, I"m not sure if we see eye to eye. He wants kids/ family much later in life, much more intrested in continuing college and working.

I have caught up with a friend from high school, and he and I have been spending a lot of time together. He expressed his feelings for me, he likes me a lot, and he does know I have a boyfriend. I also feel that I might be having feelings for him, I am physically attracted to him, he is also goal oriented but we see more eye to eye in that he wants to have a family sooner, something that is some what important to me. His feeling is accepting, as well. He is going away for one month for military related things, and in 2 years he is going away more permanently. He acts some what immature, but I'm not sure if thats because he likes me, or what, because he his very educated, goal oriented, etc... My boyfriend does not like him, big suprise, because he made moves on me knowing that I have a boyfriend, but after I set him straight, he stopped. But we still spend a lot of time together. Also, as a side note, he was in a 2 year relationship with a woman who is still in love with him... potential drama?

Basically, would it be a good idea to end things with my boyfriend, because of my feelings for my friend? Even though it would impact things at our organization? Should I stay with him, knowing for sure that there isn't a solid future, and as of right now, the physical attraction isn't all there? Will I regret this later? These are all things I'm battling with right now. I feel strongly for both guys, they are both great guys, and of course, I do know my boyfriend much better. Can I still spend this much time with my friend, with us having the feelings that we have for eachother? I can only get to know my friend to some extent, until I am crossing into the realm of cheating, something I refuse to do. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thank you.

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