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hi at the moment my boyfriend work away so hes dog is living and has always lived with hes parents. The thing is we will be married and living together soon and he wants hes dog to come live with us too. The problem is I am allergic to dogs.
He says that we will keep it in the small room where the washingh machine will be and that it will not come anywhere else in the house, but I dont want it in the house at all but he is adament that it must come and live with us.
As he will be away with hes work often I am expected to look after it. I like hes dog and really wouldnt mind if I was not allergic to it but my boyfriend has seen how ill I can get from my allergies and I really dont want to have to be taking medication every day and risking my health. I dont know what to do im worried that if I say that the the dog cant live with us then he wont want to marry me. My friends think he is being selfish what do you think?

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