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Re: Am I pathetic?
Jun 1, 2006
I just wanted to add that I was the same exact way!!!

I always think now (I'm 27), "if only I would've known then what I know now."

Ya know what I know now? I was HOTTIE back in my teens, and could have gotten any guy .. but when I was 15 I thought I was one of the uglier girls in school. I could never figure it out. For me, it was always my nose too. But ya know what -- no one cares about your nose! Sounds like you have a ton of gorgeous features -- I agree that the guys are probably intimidated by you. And now I realize my nose is just fine and its actually kinda cute!

And lots of people haven't been kissed at age 15. It will happen for you -- don't worry!! You don't have to rush it!!

One thing you'll want to be careful of is when boys do start to notice you, because you have low self esteem (like I did), you might have the tendency to throw yourself at them and maybe take things too far. I slept around when I was a teenager because being with boys made me feel pretty -- but for the boys, it was all about getting their jollies! Now I see I was taken advantage of and I could have done much better for myself.

If you learn now how to stand up for yourself, be a confident girl, not take sh&t from anyone, etc. -- you'll grow into a strong woman who will drive the boys wild.
Re: Am I pathetic?
Jun 2, 2006
I think you have nothing to worry. I was a beautiful girl ( and also didn't know it; in fact I thought I was ugly :() and I didn't even start dating until I was 20. And to be honest, I didn't date guys who appreciated me very much as a result. To this day, I struggle with issues of self esteem, but if there's anything I would have done differently if I had a chance it would be to believe in myself and be MORE PICKY!!! I had such low standards I can't believe it. I'm actually close to slapping myself for it. Don't make the same mistake--don't believe the people who tell you you're not worthy--you ARE! Pick the best guy you can find--the one who treats you great on a consistent basis, smart, funny, cute, and ambitious. DO NOT settle for losers and users who mistreat you and try to use you and tell you that YOU're not enough. Please, do this while you're still young, so that you don't make horrible mistakes settling for guys who mistreat you and make you think you should be lucky to be with them. Any man who makes you feel insecure like that is not good. Be picky!!!

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