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Boyfriend Drama
Jun 1, 2006
I'm new to this particular board, but have posted in several others. I usually don't have relationship problems because no matter how much I want to see my boyfriend I can not, He's in the Military, and therefore I haven't even gotten the chance to hear his voice in over 2 months now. I receive letters from him every saturday or Monday, and he writes those letters as if he were talking, but its nothing like if him and I were spending time together. Sometimes I look at my relationship and I am thankful that I am with someone that is willing to fight for the country, but then I look at other people's relationship and I'm jealous that they get to spend time with the signifigant other and I don't.

I had to learn really quick dating someone in the military takes more trust than just about any other case. Knowing he could potentially sneak into the girls bunks and do something (girls are in the very next room!) Knowing I wouldn't find out. Sometimes I just question our relationship, but then I think about it, if he wasn't happy with me, he wouldn't be sending me love letters and miss you letters, he would be sending me hateful breakup notes, etc.

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary and I didn't even get to hear him, touch him, see him, so i look at all the people here in the boards, and I think everyone in a relationship fights, but even if I fought with my boyfriend, I would gladly fight with him if I even got the opportunity to hear his voice.

I guess what I came to this board in search for is support and for someone to say no, hes not out there cheating on you, or to see if someone else is out there in my shoes???

And just remember, when you think you have it bad...Someone else's situation is worse!

Good Day!

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