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Well you had every right to be mad about what he did...OK so why does he need your money...doesn't he have his own money? That's very uncomfortable to me!!!!!! Maybe it's best that you do take a break from him. IF he doesn't see anything wrong with taking your car, leaving you starving and stranded without a car or money(for 6 hours) then maybe he's doing you a favor! If he wanted to spend the evening with friends and he doesn't have a car, he could have had a friend come and get him and take him to the party if they are such wonderful fanfreakintastic friends that he'd rather be with them than you. And if you hadn't gotten so mad...when would he have finally decided to drag his *** back to your apartment? OH and is he drinking and driving your car? I'm just remembering my EX and his BBQs...there was always an endless supply of beer! Probably his biggest problem is he's only 25 and I have a theory that men don't mature until they are about 35...hahaha!!!!!!!! Heck, I just heard a party story that my EX told me he did just the other day(he's in his later 40s) which makes me think I should extend that to 50 years was so bad that it made me embarrassed that I was ever married to him...that's how stupid and immature it was!!!!!!

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