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I just thought I'd give who ever might be interested an update....

I can't believe I can still say that things are going amazingly well!! STILL!! Actually, better and closer all the time. We have been spending so much time together, telling each other everything, laughing, playing, etc... Last weekend was going to be the last weekend for a long time that I would have had with no work, bc of my new job.

We decided to spend it together , with no phone calls, no friends, no nothing but us. Doing what we wanted, when we wanted. We went to the driving range and he taught me how to hit golf balls, we went out to eat, for ice cream, shopping, watched movies, ignored our phones, and spent lots of time in bed...lounging and etc... lol.

He told me on Sunday night when it was all over that he was so sad to going home and felt so much closer to me. That he "had fallen so much more for me" and that" he didn't think that was even possible." Who would have thought that I would actually still be so crazy about him?? But, I am.

I was nervous about my job and feeling stupid in training and he gave me the most inspirational pep talk about it. He was worried about his dad's health I helped him thru it when he was upset. He watches me sleep. My God, I think this "new" guy is really the real him and he's here to stay. He's even coming w/ me to my nephew's wedding out of state in October. My whole family will meet him then, and he's ok with it. Finally!

He tells me I mean everyhting to him and that he is so happy. I just had to share it with you guys that have been following this whole saga. I guess people CAN change?? SOmetimes, under the right circumstances, or also when they are young enuf to change? Dunno....I used to say people never change, but he is wonderful all the time now. Maybe only when they really want to, really try, or get professional help?

Anyway, for any of you guys that are hurting b/c of another who has done you wrong, I hope it is some sort of hope for you that good things DO happen. I had my share of heartache for sure!!!! But right now, today, I am happy. We aren't promised tomorrow, so I'll take it!!!

I guess it's also hope that when someone desperately wants a second chance, sometimes they deserve it and won't screw it up again. I know it's few and far between, but in my case, he sure did turn himself around into the man I knew he was inside and I am very happy with him.

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