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I dont know if any of this could fit in with this board, but it's worth a shot.

Satuday night/sunday morning(overnight) between the 10th and 11th of June, my best bro came over and asked me if i wanted to go to his girlfriends friends house. I had nothing better to do and I wasnt tired at all so im like sure why not. We get there and there sets his girlfriend and one of her good friends. We just all sat around and talked about stupid stuff for a while, then my buddy and his girlfriend went into some room :nono: haha

Well, im out there all alone with this girl i hardly know, the girls claimed they were drunk, but, i might of been born at night but not last night. They were clearly not drunk at all...I feel this is a way for them to feel more loosened up around us i guess? who knows, but anyway...

She seemed really tired, she was laying on a couch and i was sittin on a chair fairly close to the couch, like a few inches. She said she was tired, and being fun i just said "if you go to sleep ill punch you in the face." She started being cute and junk and was like ohh dont punch me in the face etc., and grabbed my hand. She did that twice, and the second time she held on. We actually locked hands a few times and it was really awkward, cuz i seriously didnt know this girl at all, all i knew about her was her name.

Well anyway, she said she was tired again, and she told me to come "snuggle" with her. I'm like, "i dont even know you", but she just kinda pulled me over to her. Before I knew it was laying with her on a couch, hugging, if you will. I just kinda looked at her right in the eyes, and she just gave me 2 really small kisses, and we looked at eachother, and she had that half smile that is probably the cutest smile ive ever seen. After that she pulled me down and started making out with me, this was off and on for about an hour and half. In between the "off and on", i talked to her, like Really talked to her. Now, I'm not one to actually WANT to listen to really listen to anyone basically, because I've just been through so many things, that 90% of all people that talk to me, just piss me off. I can't help it, I'm friendly and other people are very friendly, but what they have to say, i honestly dont care about. I wish i wasn't like that but what can ya do.

Anyhoo, the way we talked, how we talked, and how i was actually interested in what she had to say took me by surprise. I went from not knowing her at all, to us knowing both our life stories, and almost everything about eachother. It just got better every minute. I couldn't believe it. Anyway, thats that, i just felt really close to her for some reason.

Next day, my buddy told me what his girlfriend was saying to him, about what her friend was saying to her. She said yada yada she felt really close to me, she was mixed up between me and her ex, etc. etc., all that good stuff.
Now, earlier her boyfriend broke up with her, and i was really worried i was just some rebound thing. According to my friend and his girlfriend who is a really good friend of hers, she would never do that JUst Because. She just has too much respect for herself, and other people, which i really admire.

Sorry, this is taking really really long, but a lot has happend.

Now, The thing is, as soon as i feel close to someone that doesnt piss me off, she went to europe on monday for 3 weeks. Now, everything around me is just giving me all kind of signs. My ex girlfriend was trying to get me to feel sorry for her, and shes like "i have 3 weeks to live" and all that stupid junk. Today was work, i asked my dad how long a propane tank lasts on a forklift...he said "about 3 weeks". I was playing with a wheel that you spin and the little pointing deal is on it. i was playin with the 2 nubbys on it, and i looked down, my finger was pointing directly to the #3. I spun another wheel 3 times and it was #9. I spun it 4-5 and the 6th time, it was 9 again. Square root of 9 is 3. Last night was the first time i realized Ken Griffey Jr. got his number changed from 30 to 3. (im from cincinnati by the way) Everything is pointing at me like the end of this 3 weeks, something feels like something is going to happen. And that thing feels good.

Also, at work, my brothers little brother (his mom and step dads kid), i was talkin with him and his buddy, and they went to school with the girl in Middle School. He was good friends with her sister, so im like, yeah small world. He explained how you really have to represent yourself with girls like that, because they have extreme self-respect, and they wont let anyone trick them into something they dont want to do. I respect that a lot in a girl. And when he found out I made out with her, he was VERY surprised, and told me i "might have somethin going, dont **** it up."

Sooo, basically, my question to anyone that takes the time to read this...Why is this happening? Why do I feel such feelings for a girl I barely know and have only seen once? No girl has ever made me feel like this one has, let alone a girl I've only met ONCE. I just don't understand it. Is this a crazy infatuation? Or do I just know what i want? I'm really confused. So if anyone has any help, advice, opinion on what I'm feeling, I'd really appriciate it.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this


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