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Hi, first of all can i say that hurtingoverbp, i dont think it was very nice about what you said about running for the door. I understand that it must have been a difficult situation for you especially when your partner was the type of person that you describe him to be but i have bipolar too and i am in a relationship which i cry over everyday because i feel my bipolar will ruin my partners life and i should leave him but i cant live without him.
I'm sorry for your experience and i hope you find a healthy relationship but when reading your post i was offened because it isnt all crazy like the ride of your life it just depends on the individual and how you deal with the illness.

dsteenbock - I am sorry to hear that you are going through this situation with your wife. It is going to be difficult to start off with because it is her initial episode and she probably doesnt know that shes manic. She also needs to find the right medication which will probably be a mood stabiliser.

I was diagnosed bipolar about a year ago after i had a mental/nervous breakdown and then went through depression and then into mania. At the time i did not believe that i was manic. I thought i had recovered from my depression and i was happy.I had alot of self confidence and i was very high. I had to be hospitalised because i refused to take medication at home (had bad experiences with meds whilst depressed) and it was at hospital where i was treated.

During my manic phase i also felt i had a strong connection with god. I felt i had a special bond with him and i was sent to make the world a better place for women and children. I thought i could bring about world peace (strange i know). I also met soemone in hospital whilst still being with my partner and i fort i should try have a relationship with him. However i deeply loved my partner and i couldnt do anything with no-one else. I only thought about being with the person i met in hospital because i thought i should be with someone with a mental illness because they would know what to expect from me and i shouldnt put my partner through stress. But i love my partner too much and the other guy was just someone who i could relate to in hospital (same age, ethnicity, background).

I think you should definatley take yo gf to see a psychiatrist because they are experienced in this area (of course) and it should be them who perscribe the medication depending on assessment and what they see. What medication is she on now? Are they mood stabilisers?

I think taking her to see a paster is also a good idea because she will more likely to listen to the pastor because of this connection she feels she has with god. Maybe she will see things from his perspective if she talks to him. Can you not take her to see him more often (if first time is successfull), so she can express the connection she has with god and not feel she has to be with someone else.

You could also try to spend more time with her. Give her some space to express herself but make sure you are with her and you povide a caring and loving environment. I had to be hospitalised for most of my manic episode but then i was put into a restbite place where it was more pleasant and you got group therapy. Maybe you could find out if there is anywhere like this for your gf so she can stay there until her manic phase is over. My mania lasted for about 2 months and even when i went home for abit i still seemed to cause some sort of trouble amongst my family.
Speak to your dr and psychiatrist (when you get one) to see if there is any facility such as a residential restbite centre.

Strong sexual urges and permiscous behavior are considered symptons of bipolar, so you could prevent this by keeping her away from situations where such things could happen. Again it depends on the person. I never got to the point where i had these symptons, i guess that could be because of how i was brought up and my religion and culture.

I really do feel your pain. I can tell you love your gf very dearly and she is lucky to have you in her life. She may not realise it at the moment because of the state she is in now but she will, once she settles down.
Bipolar is a lifelong illness and i'm finding it difficult to accept that. But thats probably because i'm 21 and a perfectionist and a negative thinker. I have cried and cried over the thoughts of ruining my partners life after we get married and if we have kids because i have very bad mood swings and a very bad temper. I constantly critisize myself and it hurts extreamly bad whenever i think i will hurt my partners feelings. I sometimes think that i'm not in love with him anymore but i know thats just my depression talking. I am doing whatever i can to sort things out. I am hoping to start anger management sessions and try see bipolar in a positive perspective. Also my partner has been by my side all the way and i know he always will.

I hope your gf gets treated well for her illness and you manage to sort everything out.As hurtingoverbp said, read up on Bipolar as much as you can because you will find it usefull. Try to find a way to live with it and deal with any problems that you may come across. There is alot of help out there for this illness, dont be afraid to ask and search.

Take care. Sending hugs your way.


ps- sorry about the long reply but i really wanted to be of some hlep to you and felt my experiences would benefit your situation.

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