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Thanks guys for the replies.

Amy, you carcked me up with the standing- up- and- feeding- her- grapes thing. Now seriously I went there because I felt SO depressed in the flat (the night before I only slept at 5 am due to arguments) and I wanted to teach him a lesson by leaving him behind with no money, cigarettes etc He was actually scared by the fact that I was out from 10am-11pm I should have gone to the library from the start but anyway.

Thanks Eve for your reply too...The reason why I get more defensive here is because I expect people to be more understanding and helpful than many of the people who I know in reality. I don't bother sometimes with those who I know because they are too stubborn to understand.

I have asked him to leave becuase he has been acting outrageously towards me. He actually locked me out of the flat with a couple of his OWN friends just because they came over to support me. Finally Martin had to break the door open at 3 am. So it's no more a brand new place. It's already one that is full of resentment and destruction. The only thing that I don't want to do is call the police because I don't want to hurt him at this level and create more drama. But I made it clear to him that I am going to leave if he doesn't. And I am planning to spend every day out until 11 pm and come back only to sleep here.

As for my friend, well I haven't contacted her and I am not planning to at all. She wanted me to finish off something for her. She actually asked me to do that before I go to bed but I am VERY piss-d off and I will not go there anymore. I try to kep friends around because I need them but she doesn't have the decency to understand that SHE NEEDS to do it. She has been calling/texting/emailing non-stop. I honestly feel strained and under massive pressure. She wants it the esay way like I go dig in books, write notes, struggle to collect data and she's only sitting there demandng only the essence of it. My supervisor asked me to help her but she doesn't seem to know any borders for help.
I will just ask her to return my books to the library without even seeing her. She kept the book despite me saying 3 times that I was using it, and she suggested that she give it to me today. But now I don't even want to go there. I will just say that I have no time.

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