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My bf and I live together, in his house. He has two daughters who are 11 and 13 that love with us. He is 36 and divorced I am 22 and this is the first time I have ever made this step with a man. A little history. We met at work, still work together. We have only been together for 6 months, living together for about 2. I know very fast. We were friends for about 8 months prior to dating. I love him, very much, he loves me, I love his girls, his girls adore me. Our relationship in most aspects is wonderful. I however have made many sacrifices for it. I moved an hour away from my family, including my ill grandmother that I care for, who is now in a nursing home for rehabilitation. I don't make it up anywhere near as after as I would like, about 4 times a week. You have to understand though, I was her caretaker and spent every free minute with her before. If I have plans, I would say 70% of the time they get changed either because he makes other plans or the girls make other plans and he will not tell them no. Or their mom decides she wants them during our time and we have to take them and drop them off and pick them up. Even though she wants them. He will not tell her no either. A lot of the time things that get to me really have no affect on me. He will tell the girls no, they though a fit and he gives in. It drives me insane, but has nothing to do with me, do I have a right to say something? Or is it none of my business? Our bedroom door must remain open at all times, the girls come in and out all of the time, including through the night. They have a bathroom of there own but don't use it, they use ours. I do the cooking, cleaning, and laundry and work full time, with making an hour drive at least 4 times a week to see my grandmother. Their mother his Ex wife, that situation drives me up a wall. If we drop the girls off or pick them up she sends one of them out to get him if she needs to talk to him and then stands two feet from the car to talk, if she picks them up she will make one of them come in and have him come outside if I am home, however comes in the house if I am not. The other day I had the girls in the area that she lives I knew she was thinking about taking them to a party so I had them call her as she live 30 mins from us to find out so I could drop them off is she wanted me to. She told them she didn't know as soon as I got out of town she called. The oldest was talking to her and said "Ohh only in dad brings us?" Not sure but sounded to me like she didn't want me to bring them. I told them to ask their mom if she would meet me in the BIGGEST town in this area she told them she didn't know where it was. Later that night the girls called their dad he asked where the party was they asked there mom and she said on the other side of the city I asked her to meet me in. Hmmm thought she didn't know where that was?? The girls don't clean up after themselves at all and are not made to. They will go into out bathroom and leave it a mess!! I mean, hair dye in the tub, tissues everywhere. It is starting to drive me insane, but where is the line drawn? What to I have the right to speak up about, as these are not my children and some of this really doesn't even effect me? There mom goes over board with punishment which is why I "think" he is so lenient, but they still need discipline, but is it my right to say that?

Thanks for reading I know I went on a little to long...

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