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[B][FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="3"]Hey Guys!
Before I start, I just wanted to say you have given me great advice. Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me in the past. I really do appreciate it.

I really need to get this off my chest. My co-worker is absolutely dreadful - to say the very least. I have been working there no longer than 5 months and already I can not stand her, let alone see myself staying there long term. There is so many things bothering me right now that I do not know where to start! First off, she is completely unprofessional - Dresses inappropriately, flirts with any guy in sight, bring her personal life to work and causes daily drama in the office.

There is this one guy at work who likes me a lot. My co worker never cared for him until she noticed that me and him started talking. Next thing I knew, she pulls me to the side and tells me that this guy and her had a history - he was in love with her but she only liked him, she didnt really want to get involved with someone she was working with because blah blah she has (I QUOTE) "a good work ethic" A couple of weeks later, my car broke down and I was supposed to have a good friend come to work to get me. We were supposed to hae lunch together - she pulled out last minute and this guy was just about to leave lunch. He kindly offered and I accepted. Haivng said that, I asked my co worker if this was a problem before I accepted and she said not at all.

I come back from lunch and she has told everyone in the office what a s*kank I was for going out to lunch with this guy when I knew they hanged out in the past. She made it clear that he was not being nice to me - he was just "using me to piss her off". I was not only upset, I was very embarrassed.

He tried to talk to me numerous times and it got to the point where he said I was acting really immature by ignoring him and that he will not know what he did wrong unless I told him - a very good point - so I told him that I did not appreciate being used to piss ex girlfriends off/ ex flings. He did not know what I was talking about! I was so irritated that I told him I knew he had a history with her and that he was in love with her and that I did not like him using me -if that were the case - to get even with her.

This guy explains his side - it was absolutely different from the story she gave me. I didnt really want to bother and I didnt want to get into who-is-lying-to-me scenario. He explained that she was coming on to him - I was a bit skeptical but I can see it very well happening. She flirts and hits on every guy that walks in the door. I have seen her sit on guys' laps during work hours. I have seen her hug them and I have heard her openly discuss her sex life not to mention the vivid details of her orgasms to the warehouse guys. She has admitted doing a lot of the guys in the office - only reason I believe she told me about was to keep me from talking or hanging out with them. Anytime she sees a guy in the office talks to me she comes bouncing over - next thing you knw, she will be telling me how she does not appreciate me talking to guys she has hanged out with in the past. She says me and her are "friends" and friends do not talk or go to lunches with guys she has flirted or liked at some point in her life.

I caught her twice SCRATCHING the back of my boss's head. The boss's family OWNS the business by the way - he is married with 3 kids and they come to visit on occassion. There is something not right at all. Rumor has gone around that she is sleeping with our boss - I dont really get into that sort of thing - it makes you lose focus on what you are trying to achieve - so I didnt really say much.

Well this last week, the boss and I have exchanged emails. I needed assistance with this software that was locked and I emailed him for help. anyways I thanked him - she went through my email and read every single email I got from the boss and jumped down my throat. She was saying all sorts of stupid things like "boy, i wish i had all day long to email the boss", "dont you have any work to do? do u just sit there and exchage personal emails with him?" - what is wrong with this girl? she is a lot older than me but she seems psychotic.

Everything is always about her. She will get a speeding ticket - she will tell EVERYBODY in the office. When she gets upset, she makes sure everyone notices. She stomps around, cusses out loud and puts her head on her desk.

I dont really know how to deal with her. I like my job a lot and I do it really well - i just dont really like her at all. She wont get fired, i know that for a fact. She gets away with EVERYTHING. When she wants to leave, she just leaves. You will not believe how many girls got fired because she did not want them there. In the span of 2 months, she got rid of 3 girls. First girl came in same time as me and she got fired 2/3 weeks after because she didnt like her. She complained - to say the least about her and just went in to the boss's office to express her dislike for this girl. This lady got fired the next day.

Second girl lasted for ONE DAY ONLY! My co worker stayed after hours and I never saw the new girl again. The third girl worked for a week with me. She came in to help me since (Jessica) - the co worker im talking aobut went to vacation for a whole week. My boss hired this new girl to come in to help me while Jessica was gone and to see if things were gonna work out. Things were fine and good. The new girl caught on quick. She was very productive despite the fact that she showed up black nail polish and tatoos all over her legs - when Jessica came back monday -i took the day off, since I was sick. When I came to work the next day tuesday, the new girl was gone. Jessica was more than happy to inform me that she got rid of another B*iatch.

This girl has so much control over the office, its not even funny. she runs that office and she runs girls out of there. She thinks and says it out loud how proud she is of herself everytime she gets a new girl fired. She seems to think its a major accomplishment. Im not really sure why i havent been fired yet. It really is crazy, the boss lets her get away with ANYTHING.

This girl is the biggest drama queen I have ever met. Everyday, there is always something wrong. There is always something. I swear, we could be in a television show - I wouldnt be surprised if we got more ratings than desperate housewives. One day she comes in telling everyone how she is stressed and late because her aunt got thrown in jail for shooting her husband. Then she comes in next day to inform us her room mates thew her out of the house. Its a long list... but she is starting to aggravate me and make my life difficult.

She gets so pist when I talk to that guy - that guy I work with. well, the reason she got really pist more than anything was she started flirting with him and he completely brushed her off. In fact, he ignores her. He cant stand her and she is blaming me for it.

I have caught her changing stories around and exaggerating things to a good extent that its not even the same damn story anymore. I have caught her do it. Something will happen at work earlier that day lets say... then maybe her friends will call or she "RE TELLS" the story to someone else - Ill tell you, its been altered alright.

Im so sorry this email is so long. I dont really know what to do - talking to her is not going to work because its like arguing with a mail box - it simply cannot be done. she has this way of twisting it around and making it my fault somehow. She is just really immature, unprofessional, and really really scandalous. She wants everyone to know if she fought with somebody. She is one of those types who will cuss people out at work and re tells the whole story to anyone who missed it.

Advice on her and... on this guy now that I have mentioned a fair bit.[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

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