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Hi all,

I have to start at the very beginning to make you all understand the whole thing.

Okay, about 40 years ago, my mother in law, her sister and brother, their mother passed away. Their mother didn't have much so she wanted my mother in law and her sister to split everything down the middle and to give the son a few things, he had already had his life, with a wife and kids. So she thought he was already under way with his life. Well he wanted a third of everything. My mother in law at the time was only 15 years old and her sister 8 years older with the brother 4 years older than the older sister, so he was much older. This isn't the point but this needs to be out there.

Well my mother in law's sister had a boyfriend, (now her husband) and he broke the family up saying that the brother couldn't have anything, which my mother in law had agreed to but felt bad for her brother, because she felt he should have been entitled to something. H is what I will call the sisters husband. H told the brother that he is a self centered jerk, you aren't getting anything, blah, blah......

Well my mother in law's sister, I will call her L had agreed with her boyfriend at the time and didn't want to speak to her brother anymore. So she told my mil that she shouldn't speak to him anymore either because of what he did, well it was worse on L's part than her own brother, mil didn't know much of what was going on because she was so young, she didn't understand it at all. My mil got back in contact with her brother a few years later and kept this a secret from her sister, I met mil, brother, he was (as he has passed away) a very kind hearted gentleman.

Now here comes the real story. H & L have lots of money, so much that you couldn't even fathom it. Well through the years they have told my mil and fil that you have to come over and help us, we have built rooms in their house for them, helped them with computer problems, cleaned up after guests after a dinner party as his brother would just sit there and do nothing, we would take care of their dog, the list goes on and on, that would furiate us to no end. We always had to go help them and we did just that because L would always say, you help family. Well when we needed help she would make us give her money to help, HELLO, do you see a problem here? This went on for a long time. Oh and H does everything with strings, if he gives you something he always wants something back in return.

One thing I have to bring up here is I will tell you how his aunt L is, my husband one day took H's car out to get it washed, when my husband came back he gave H his money, well L, MIL, and my husband were all there and he gave H the money in front of all of them, well 10 minutes later H came in and said, you never gave me my change back, where is my change, my husband then said, H, I gave you your change and then he looked at H's wife, L and MIL and then L raised her hands in the air and said, I am not getting involved, all she had to do was say, H, he gave you your money, but she wouldn't stand up to him.

When L would go put clothes on, H would tell her to go put something else on and he didn't like it, well she would go back and change. L is a very spineless person.

Well, H & L decided to give my husband $25,000, which my husbnad told them NO, and they got so upset that they talked him into taking the money, they said they wanted to see him enjoy it while they were alive rather than give it to him after they die.

So he gave us our first $2,500 and then asked what we were going to do with it so, we had bought a new house and wanted to finish our basement, so we finished our basement. About a month after we finished our basement, he told us that he wanted all reciepts stating that we paid $2,500 for what we did. My husband was really perterbed because he told us that the first $2,500 every year we could do whatever we wanted and he didn't care what we did with it, but the stipulation was that we put the other $2,500 toward the payment of our house. Well we did just that, we put the other money toward our house. When L had wrote the check she wrote it out to our mortgage company so it would go there. So after we got the check we called our mortgage company and told them what we wanted to do, we wanted to apply it toward our mortgage, well the guy was nice enough to tell us that it wouldn't help us but hurt us. And he said that the best thing to do was to put it in our escrow, because taxes and insurance were going up. So my husband called H to talk to him about it and L answered the phone, my husband told her everything and she told my husband to go ahead and do it because H was gone and wouldn't be back for awhile.

Ok, now this is about 2 months after we applied this to our mortgage and H told us that he wants proof that we applied the money to our mortgage, we told him, you have the cancelled check. Well the cancelled check wasn't enough so he got enraged. We were trying to cover for L because she told us to go ahead and do what H didn't want us to do, so my husband had to lie to cover her, BIG MISTAKE, he wanted proof and he called our mortgage company well our mortgage company wouldn't tell him anything because he is not the account holder. To this day, L still hasn't told H that she told us to go ahead and do what the mortgage man said to do.

Anyway, there was a big fight with my husband and H and my husband said, H, I don't want anymore of your money and I am giving back to you your $5,000. So my husband wrote him a letter, took a cash advance on one of our credit cards for $5,000.00 because we didn't want any more problems with him and his money, it wasn't worth it anymore.

He got the letter and was really mad because he told my fil that for that kind of money we should be kissing his A** and doing whatever we were told, we are not his slaves and we are happy without his money, is what my husband told him. Well, L wouldn't stand up to H and now she isn't talking to my MIL. My MIL said that all of the years of doing everything for them and them not doing anything for us, she doesn't care if she ever hears from her again. Well it was so quiet yesterday because no phone calls with any of her problems. And that was another thing, every time L would call my mil, she would pour out all of her problems about her kids, which is another story in itself. But when my mil would want to talk with L about her problems, L would never have the time.

So anyway, I needed to get this off my chest, I am so glad they won't be in our lives any more.

The reason I wanted to post this story is because, I, no matter what, have always been stuck right in the middle of everything watching all go on, and I couldn't handle it anymore either.

H's son had a girlfriend for 6 years, well when she and H's son broke up she told us that H had a black soul. Yes, this man is so evil.

Thanks and I am sorry if this post is long, but I had to go from the beginning to make you understand, I am sure I left out alot but you would gave gotten bored if you already haven't.


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