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Should I call him?
Jun 25, 2006
Hi, I was wondering what some of you thought about this.

So I'm standing there checking people out at the grocery store I work at, nothing exciting....Then I greet the next customer in line and he started talking to me. He asked "Do you like to go bowling?" I said "Sometimes" then he told me he liked to and asked if I had a boyfriend I told him no and then he said "maybe we could go bowling sometime." Then I said "Well I dont even know you." Then he started telling me all these things about himself, that he is the head of a construction company, that he has a motorcycle, that he lived up the street....So he gave me his number. I asked him how old he was and he told me he is 29, then he asked me my age and I told him 23. Then when he left he forgot one of his frozen pizzas so I had to run out into the parking lot and catch him to give him his pizza. He drives a pretty nice truck too.

So anyway, now I have his number, he seemed nice.....I wouldnt ever go with him alone since I dont know him. I thought about maybe giving him a call and just talk to him and see what he is like and what not. But then again I cant help but think, who tries to pick up a girl at the grocery store? A total stranger asking another total stranger to go out and do something. I couldnt possibly have been that attractive standing there checking out groceries to make him want to ask me out. Does that mean he is desperate to have asked me? He sounded nice, he has his own place and sounds responsible.

What do you think should I call him to talk to him and see what he's like? I wont meet him alone or anything crazy like that, but should I call him? Please tell me what you think if you dont mind. This isnt something that happens to me everyday.


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