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I agree that he is maninpulative, evil etc. Even though I am not with him, I feel like I am being controled by him through my parents. I know abusers can be manipulative, maybe has my parents believing that he has changed etc. He always acted like mr nice guy around them.My parents are probably from the era that you put up with stuff, old school.

Both of them have been emotionally abusive towards me while growing up so maybe they see nothing wrong with it.

I have sat down and spoke to them about everything my ex did to me, all the horrible details, injuries and they still act like it is not a big deal, give him a second chance. I said maybe you don't fully understand, but this guy could have killed me and I am lucky I left when I did. I knew I was going to die soon. Thought maybe that would sink in. Nope.

I can say I have never felt cared for or protected by my parents while growing up. They never say I love you or act like they care at all.

This is a little off topic...

When I was 14 I was molested by a friends father. Parents didn't know about it until one day the school counselor phoned to inform them. Child protection was called etc. My parents were more concerned about my molester losing his job, family etc. My mom said to me "The first time he touched you, should have stayed away. Obviously you liked it because you went back for more." They were quite angry that I came out with this secret. Said I should have kept it to myself.

I was told to never talk abou my problems with anyone because people will get sick and tired of me and stop being my friend. They told me this while growing up.

So I hope this is ignorance on their part but the feeling I have is they just don't care what happens to me.

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