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the title probably sais it all. my boyfriend has this issue with me thinking other guys are good looking. Me and him always ask each other on who we think is good looking or not. A girl could walk by us and i would ask him what he thought of her and he would tell me, that sort of thing. If i didnt agree with him then i would tell him, or i would just joke around and tell him he has bad taste. Which is obviously a joke b/c then that would mean that i am just dissing myself.

Now, when he asks me if i think someones good looking, and i say yes. he gets upset. But this only happens with certain guys. I dont even know the difference between the ones that he gets upset over versus the ones that hes okay with me thinking that they are good looking.
Last night he asked me if i thought this one guy that we went to school with was good looking and i said "yah, hes good looking" he asked me if he was "hot" and i said "no, hes not hot, hes just good looking" and he got so upset and said that i had bad taste in men and that just makes him look like hes ugly and he said that he was embarassed to be with me. I dont even know why he's embarassed b/c for one thing, all girls always complement him on how good looking he is, ever since we were in high school.
and if your thinking maybe this guy that he asked me about was really ugly and that i am crazy for thinking that he is good looking and maybe it really is my fauly, even my friends thought he was good looking....actually, they thought he was HOT. but not me, i just thought he was okay, like he wasnt ugly, he was just good looking.

okay, lets be realistic here, i went out with two other guys in high school, nothing serious or anything. Just childish stuff, one was when i was 15 and one when i was 16. and i have to admit they werent very pretty. The one i dated when i was 15 was out of pure stupidity, it was just so i could tell my friends i had a bf too. The one i went out with when i was 16 was because he had personality. I didnt even bother with trying to get the hot guys in my grade to like me because i didnt think i was up to par with them. And i dont think im that ugly, i mean i was recruited to participate in a competition to represent edmonton for miss canada. i didnt go because i dont think i could compete with all the other girls who are a billion times prettier than me. And i dont like flaunting myself. Im just not one to want to be with hot guys who are jerks who cheat left and right. I am now 20 and turning 21 in a little more than a couple of months and i dated my current bf when i turned 18. He has been my really close friend all throughout high school and he knew what my ex boyfriends looked like. if he knew he was going to be embarassed with me just because i never went out with studs back in the day, then why stay with me for 3 years?

i mean, what should i do? and i dont want to lie to him about what my opinions are, i like being honest with him. I know this seems stupid and childish but he brings it up more than just a little and it does bother me lots to think that he is EMBARRASED to be my boyfriend. And its not like i think hot guys are ugly and ugly guys are hot. I mean if a guy is good looking then obviously most girls would think the same, including me. He just doesnt agree and when that happens he gets upset.

HELP ME. please

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