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Well.... My wife and I have been marred for about 2 years now. We have been together for 6. We’ve been having up and downs in our relationship for a while. We love each other to death but, there have been time where we have been "unfaithful” on both of our parts. Lying to one another things like that. Nothing sexual (I don’t think)

Now let me start from the beginning...Last November she founded out that I was talking on the internet to other woman. Not trying to find a relationship or anything like that but, just someone to talk too for advice on my relationship with my wife. For the most part that is what it was. Now I will admit there where times where the conversation got out of hand as it does sometimes online. So she found out that about and I told her I would stop. So I did stop. So we where doing well up until February....I want to say 8 or 9th because that is when I founded IM's and text messages that she was sending to one of her classmates which was a guy I had no clue about. The only reason I got the IM's and text messages is because I was running a program that I was testing out for work on my home computer which is part of a home network. Anyway... I found the IM's and got pissed right away. So we talked about it and she said that it wouldn't happen anymore. We tried to move on and live our life. Then in March or April (Can't Remember) she stated that she was going to go out with a friend Saturday night. That was cool I never tell my wife she can't go out with friends or anything like that. So anyway she comes home and I check her phone but, I just felt something was wrong. I check it and she has been planning to go out with the guy from school that I founded out about in February.

By now. I’m heated and I just wanted her to leave. Just so everyone knows we have been going to a marriage counselor for a while which I think did help us. I know people that are in relationship a lot worse than ours. Anyway so that happen and for a while I didn't know what to do. My love for her was much stronger than my anger. It took me a while to get over that but, I did and I forgive her. So we started to work on the relationship going to see the counselor everything was going well. Until just last Friday… My wife has been going through depression for as long as I can remember. Even before the relationship. It has been very hard for her and me but, I have been supporting her through out the whole ordeal. Now what happen was "MY FAULT" I started talking to one of the females that I was talking to in November (On Line) just because I know she was very helpful but, that same girl some how knew my wife’s cousin. Then she called my wife and told her that she saw my name on the other girl’s computer. So that was it.

So now it is Tuesday. This happen Friday it has been the longest week of my life for her and me. We didn't stay in the same house all weekend until Monday. Before all of this happens we where going to take a break anyway but, in my heart I didn’t want her to leave. She is my world and I "NEVER" wanted or want to be with anyone else but, her. So last night it seemed like everything was cool and we were trying to figure things out. Until I saw a few texts messages on her phone from that same guy. It pretty much it sounded like they had plans to get together already. She said it wasn't like that but, I can't help but think it was something already in the making. Remember she wanted to separate for a few months before all of this. So I really don't know what to think.

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