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Sophia, I know you would never abandon a friend--you are a wonderful friend! You and Jenna both are really special women and I bet all your friends feel really lucky that you are part of their lives. If they don't, they're idiots. Fibrana and Sophia--your posts made me sad too for the same reason Jenna mentioned. It just sucks that there are people out there who are so insecure and narrow-minded that they won't hang out with their friends regardless of who is in a relationship with whom. I know it can be hard to make new friends, but you both deserve more from your friends, you definitely deserve friends who will be there for you no matter what and who want to be your friend unconditionally. I'm sad to hear you two aren't looking forward to the weekend! I wish you could come here and visit me, I am going to be celebrating all weekend and MN is awesome in the summer! Anyway, you guys should all keep in mind that you can be your own friend--after all in the end the only thing we can really count on is ourselves. I know not everyone likes to be alone and do stuff alone, but it's better than doing nothing and being unhappy. Fibrana, don't feel badly about sharing your feelings with your sister and friends, they should be there to support you. It also might really help to talk to a therapist--what do you have to lose? Breakups are tough, really devestating and life-changing events, and it's totally normal to feel the way you're feeling. I felt the same way when my last serious boyfriend who I dated for 3 years moved out of our apartment--everything was different and I was just devestated. But gradually with time it got easier, and now I can look back and be happy we split up because my life now is better than it would have been if we stayed together. I still love Patrick and we are on very friendly terms, because he is a nice man, but I'm totally over him in any romantic sense, and I would have never thought that was possible while I was so upset over our breakup. So time does heal all wounds, and things do get easier, though I realize that is impossible to imagine while you are in the midst of so much pain. Just hang in there and try to take care of yourself, doing whatever you can to cope and move on. And remember to be a very patient, kind friend to yourself now while you're going through a tough time--you will not always feel this bad, and you will find someone much better to love at some point in the future, so don't give up hope ok!

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