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Re: Lying about age
Jun 30, 2006
First of all, I don't think this lie was worth it at all. It was a very stupid thing to do. If I were your girlfriend, I'd be very skeptical of you after hearing that you lied about your age. I mean, just one year? I'd think that you didn't think I'd trust to know that you're a year older. And that you think I'm superficial because I might dump you for being a year older. Don't you trust your girlfriend?

I'm sure this lie has lead to other lies as well. I mean, didn't you tell her what year you graduated high school? Have you had to tell your friends about your lie so they wouldn't spill the beans around her? How much covering up have you had to do?

You definately need to tell her ASAP. I'm not sure how you should do it. I guess I would just sit her down at a nice dinner or something and tell her that you have kept a terrible secret from her (hey, how about going on one of those talk shows that do this, hehehe :D ). She'll most likely think it is going to be something really, really bad. So that might soften the blow when she finds out it is something so trivial. And then explain to her in great detail why you felt you had to lie. And then tell her how wonderful and beautiful and how great you think she is.

I lied about my age once to a guy who I ended up falling in love with. He found out about 5 months into dating because my mom called and told him. He didn't dump me because we were already in love at the time. But yes, he was very, very upset about it. We ended up getting married (well, then divorced).

OK, now another question --- why do you think a 21 year old would care if you were a year older? I mean, 4.5 years isn't really that much of an age difference. When I was 21, I was with a guy who was 30. I think 21 and 25 are perfectly acceptable ages for dating.

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